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Bright Renewables is industry leader in renewable gas technology. Bright’s offering includes Biogas Upgrading systemsCOLiquefaction systems, Carbon Capture technology, and Bio-LNG technology. With our proven PurePac biogas upgrading systems applying highly efficient membrane technology, Bright is able to deliver the total range from small to large biogas upgrading systems to produce biomethane, bio-CNG and bio-LNG.

With Bright’s Biogas Upgrading as a Service solution, Bright steps in as an Energy as a Service Company (ESCO) allowing you to focus on your core business while Bright takes on the investment, development, and maintenance of the biogas upgrading system.

Bright Carbon Capture Technology

CO2 Liquefaction, Carbon Capture & Bio-LNG

Using Bright’s CO2 liquefaction system, the CO2 that is removed from the biogas can be captured, recovered and liquefied to produce food-grade quality bioCO2. With Bright’s Carbon Capture technology, CO2 can be captured from flue gases of combustion plants. Bright’s bio-LNG technology produces bio-LNG by liquefying biomethane.

Our biogas upgrading solution:

PurePac Mini

The PurePac Mini is our complete biogas upgrading solution for the capacity between 30 – 60 Nm3/hr biogas flow.

PurePac Compact

The PurePac Compact is our complete biogas upgrading solution for the capacity between 60 – 750 Nm3/hr biogas flow.

Bright Renewables PurePac Medium

PurePac Medium

The PurePac Medium is our complete biogas upgrading solution for the capacity between 750 – 1,300 Nm3/hr biogas flow.

PurePac Grand

The PurePac Grand is our complete biogas upgrading solution for the capacity between 1,300 – 2,500 Nm3/hr biogas flow.


Bright’s systems are prefabricated, modular and easily integrated into new and existing plants. Our biogas upgrading systems are suitable for the upgrading of biogas produced from all forms of biomass and wastes from all types of existing and new biogas plants.


Bright Renewables applies proven membrane technology for the upgrading of biogas that achieves over 97% operational availability. The biogas upgrading system provides optimal gas cleaning, has a robust design, has an advanced patented control system and benefits from the assurance of 24/7 service support.


A Bright CO2 liquefaction unit can be integrated with biogas upgrading systems and carbon capture systems. The COthat is removed from the biogas can then be recovered and liquefied to produce food-grade CO2, creating an extra source of revenue for the plant owner.


Bright Renewables systems are available in the capacity from 40 Nm3/hr ingoing biogas.


The system is easy to integrate with both existing and new plants and is expandable with COrecovery and/or CNG compression modules.


By applying highly efficient membranes the separation of methane from biogas can reach an efficiency of more than 99.5%.




What our customers say

“I am proud to produce green gas for at least the coming twelve years. Since the start up of the Bright Biomethane installation I have been producing green gas every day without any problems”.

The future is Bright.

Having constructed the world’s first commercial plant for upgrading biogas to biomethane using a 3-stage membrane system, Bright successfully uses this proven design in its biogas upgrading systems operating today. With remote monitoring and customized service & maintenance contracts the efficiency of the operation is optimized further. Download the brochure to learn more on our membrane biogas upgrading technology or request a quote.

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