Carbon Capture from Flue Gases

With the modular and compact carbon capture technology of Bright, CO2 from combustion flue gas are captured and converted into liquid or gaseous CO2. This allows thermal energy and combustion plants to reduce CO2 emissions resulting in carbon neutral or carbon negative energy production. Carbon capture is an essential add-on to any installation with a combustion process. 

Bright’s Carbon Capture technology is characterized by its modular approach that allows us to provide a cost effective solution, while remaining flexible to project specific conditions. The modular and compact containerized carbon capture units are available in the range of 800 – 8,000 kg/hour (2-20 MWt boiler installations) and can either deliver the CO2 in a gaseous form, or be combined with an in-house developed CO2 liquefaction system to provide liquid CO2.

Why carbon capture technology?

Carbon capture technology (also known as CO2 capture technology) is the perfect solution when it comes to providing circularity, fulfilling sustainability ambitions, and creating additional income. Above all, to produce the sustainable and valuable gaseous or liquid bioCO2 product that is a necessity in many industries such as greenhouses, agriculture, food and beverage industry. Carbon capture and recovery systems of Bright are designed to maximize efficiency and environmental performance.

For any combustion process

Our carbon capture technology is specifically engineered to be suitable for any combustion process that generates flue gases. Whether you are a greenhouse grower or involved in industrial operations, this system can be seamlessly integrated to capture carbon from flue gas, promoting sustainable practices. For those utilizing biomass-fired boiler plants, this carbon capture system offers a complete circular solution. It not only allows the provision of sustainable CO2 for various applications but also offers the potential for additional income and cost savings by reducing CO2 transport distances. Our commitment to innovation ensures that this technology provides a practical and economically viable approach to environmental responsibility.

Capturing carbon (CO2) from Flue Gases

Bright Carbon Capture offers modular systems with amine technology to capture CO2. Bright’s first carbon capture project of this kind dates back to 2001. The experience gained over the following years allows us to apply the technology in a flexible way. Bright is able to provide support throughout all process steps from engineering to commissioning and final acceptance. The smart design combined with high quality components guarantee high system availability and low maintenance cost.

Bright Carbon capture, as a part of the Bright Renewables group, is committed to bringing solutions to increase sustainability in the renewable energy market and speed up the energy transition. This is achieved by offering services and products, with a strong focus on research and development, that allows processes to be optimized in the most sustainable way. Bright’s strong and rapid growth, innovative technologies, and worldwide references, ensures a good coverage of solutions and 24/7 service.

Bright’s product and technology portfolio includes standardized containerized biogas upgraders, CO2 capture and liquefaction technology, virtual pipeline, service support and predictive maintenance, and bio-CNG and bio-LNG applications in addition to biomethane.