Biogas Upgrading as a Service

Biogas Upgrading as a Service

Do you want to get the highest value from your produced biogas, without the investments in and operational responsibilities of a biogas upgrading system? Do you currently have a biogas production facility with a CHP unit, but want to start upgrading the biogas to biomethane, CNG, or LNG? Or do you produce biogas and are you looking for a sustainable high-end application? With Bright Biogas upgrading as a Service, Bright steps in as a suitable partner and takes over downstream biogas upgrading activities.

Bright Biogas upgrading as a Service enables you to focus on your core business while Bright invests, develops, operates and maintains the biogas upgrading system. How can Bright be of service to you?

With Bright as Energy as a Service Company, Bright is the owner and operator of the biogas upgrading system. Bright converts your biogas to sustainable end products and ensures a sustainable and efficient handling using high efficient membrane technology. Bright’s solutions will result in the most sustainable use of your biogas, while creating additional value for you. With Bright’s biogas upgrading as a service, you are one step closer to becoming a carbon neutral company. Bright Biogas upgrading as a Service is your ideal solution when you want to get the highest value for your produced biogas, without any investments or operational responsibilities.

Outsource your biogas upgrading activities

Efficient and sustainable handling of your biogas

No investment needed, Bright is the owner

Increased sustainability of your operations / company

Focus on your core business and receive an additional revenue from your sold biogas

Biogas upgrading: optimized use of biogas

Produced biogas is often not utilized to its full potential as a renewable energy source: sometimes biogas is simply flared, or utilized in (inefficient) gas engines for electricity production, competing more and more often with other sustainable energy sources like solar and wind. However upgrading biogas to biomethane can be done with minimal energy losses, injection of biomethane in the natural gas grid replaces scarce natural gas. Bright Renewables offers well-proven PurePac systems applying highly efficient membrane technology to upgrade biogas to renewable natural gas (biomethane). Our premium and proven PurePac systems offer a complete biogas upgrading solution starting at 30 Nm3/hr biogas flow capacity. Suitable for all types of new and existing biogas plants in any industry, and suitable for biogas produced from any form of organic waste, including municipal sludges and wastes. The PurePac units of Bright offer an energy-efficient solution for the produced biogas while generating high value and taking another big step towards circularity

How does our Biogas Upgrading as a Service solution work?

  • Request & receive an offer

  • Provide a suitable location for the biogas upgrading system

  • Bright finances and develops the biogas upgrading plant

  • Bright maintains the operations of the biogas upgrading system

  • Bright upgrades the biogas to biomethane, replacing natural gas

  • Get the highest value for your biogas

  • Focus on your core business

Biogas Upgrading as a Service

Bright Biogas Upgrading as a Service takes care of the investment, development, and maintenance of the biogas upgrading plant, upgrading your biogas to high-value end products. The biogas upgrading system, which is operated and maintained by Bright converts biogas into RNG. Bright will install high efficient and reliable gas-upgrading technology, which can be combined with carbon capture and liquefaction to further aid you in your sustainability ambitions. Bright purchases your biogas and is in charge of the downstream activities, including sales of biomethane. Combining state-of-the-art technology with experience and in-depth knowledge of the bio-energy trade enables Bright to offer you a very favourable price for your biogas.  Bright BaaS is a service that allows you to focus on your core business while optimizing the use of your produced biogas by converting it into RNG. Bright BaaS can be combined with CO₂ capture and liquefaction.

At the start of every project, our Project and Engineering Department will fine-tune the design based on the requirements of your biogas or waste-water-treatment plant. Bright Biogas upgrading as a Service has a team of engineers, designers, project managers, and service employees who are dedicated to turning every project into a long-term success story. In addition, Bright Remote Service and Maintenance, with 24/7 availability, will speed up the maintenance, repair, and inspection processes resulting in very high availability of the plant, ensuring none of your biogas goes to waste.


Waalwijk (Wabico): Biogas from wastewater to biomethane and liquid CO₂

Wabico, with a biogas upgrader from Bright, is purchasing biogas from the neighboring wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). Biogas is upgraded to biomethane and injected into the natural gas grid, while off-gas CO₂ is captured and liquefied. The WWTP produces biogas from sludge, and was looking for a sustainable and efficient solution for their biogas. A biogas pipe connection between the WWTP plant and the Bright biogas upgrader at WABICO connects the two facilities.

Grolsch Brewery: Biogas to Biomethane

The Grolsch Brewery in Enschede produces biogas from their industrial waste water treatment facility and was in the need of a sustainable solution to valorize the biogas: Bright Biogas Upgrading as a Service was the solution. A Bright upgrader is installed on the site of the brewery and upgrades the biogas produced by Grolsch to annually 1 million Nm3 of biomethane, applying state-of-the-art membrane technology. The biomethane is injected into the gas grid, replacing natural gas. Bright financed and build the biogas upgrading facility, and ensures the day-to-day operations, maintenance, and onward sales of the upgraded biomethane.