Bio-LNG Systems for Bio-LNG production

With the modular biomethane liquefaction technology of Bright, biomethane (or renewable natural gas) from biogas is converted into bio-liquefied natural gas, also known as liquid biomethane. This allows local renewable natural gas (RNG) producers to access their own high-quality, sustainable, and reliable (heavy transportation) biofuel. BioLNG generation starts with Bright. Designed to maximize efficiency and environmental performance.

Bright’s Bio-LNG technology is characterized by its modular approach that allows us to provide a cost-effective solution while remaining flexible to project-specific conditions. With Bright’s compact-sized bio-LNG systems every biogas producer can profit from and expand their sustainable business operations. Due to its heightened density it lends itself perfectly for an virtual pipeline, ideal for rural or agricultural biogas plants.

Fueling the future with Bio-LNG

BioLNG technology, also known as biomethane liquefaction technology or Bio-Liquefied Natural Gas technology is an ideal solution to meet sustainable energy demands while supporting the circular economy. BioLNG can be used as biofuel for heavy duty transport, shipping, and for internal production processes. Due to its relatively small space occupation of the liquid state of gas, it is easily transported by a virtual pipeline and marketed where demand stands, also to remote rural areas. A biogas upgrading plant in combination with bioLNG technology and a CO2 liquefier significantly lowers the carbon intensity (CI) score.

High guarantee of own fuel supply

Compacted to a higher energy density

Sustainable replacement of natural gas

No gas grid entry point needed in rural areas

Liquefying Renewable Natural Gas to BioLNG

Bright is able to provide support throughout all process steps from engineering to commissioning and final acceptance. The smart design combined with high quality components guarantee high system availability and low maintenance cost.

Bright is committed to bringing solutions to increase sustainability in the renewable energy market and biofuel market and speed up the transition to biofuels by offering bioLNG technology. This is achieved by offering services and products, with a strong focus on research and development, that allows processes to be optimized in the most sustainable way. Bright’s strong and rapid growth, innovative technologies, and worldwide references, ensures a good coverage of solutions and 24/7 service.

Bright’s product and technology portfolio includes modular containerized biogas upgraders, CO2 (carbon) capture and liquefaction technology, bio-LNG technology, and biogas upgrading as a service (energy as a service) as well as 24/7 service and maintenance.


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