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Bright Renewables provides biogas upgrading, CO2 liquefaction, and Carbon Capture systems, along with expert support throughout the entire process, from engineering to commissioning. Our systems are designed to ensure high availability and low maintenance costs, with quick commissioning and advanced automatic controls that respond to biogas supply fluctuations. We also offer remote monitoring and customized service and maintenance contracts to further optimize system efficiency.

Our goal is to contribute to a sustainable future by providing economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable solutions that convert biogas into valuable products. We build, manage, finance, and develop biogas upgrading systems that convert low-grade biogas into high-grade biomethane, bio-CNG, bio-LNG, and liquid CO2, creating revenue and helping to meet renewable energy goals.


At Bright Renewables, we are committed to improving the use and conversion of renewable biogas in the anaerobic digestion and industrial sectors. Through our focus on research and development, we implement practical solutions that increase sustainability in the renewable energy sector. We believe that gas can be captured, processed, and used in the most sustainable way possible, and our services and products are designed to achieve this goal. Specifically, we strive for three types of sustainability:

Economically sustainable: Highest long-term value
Ecologically sustainable: Lowest carbon intensity
Socially sustainable: Less dependent on geopolitics and more employment opportunities


By providing technologies and products designed to convert biogas into valuable and sustainable products, we aim to support our customers in achieving their sustainability and revenue goals. Our 24/7 service and support offerings further enable us to help customers realize these three pillars of sustainability and increase the cost-effectiveness of our offerings.


At Bright Renewables, we specialize in building, managing, financing, and developing biogas upgrading systems that convert low-grade biogas into high-grade biomethane, bio-CNG, bio-LNG, and liquid CO2. With bioenergy set to become a major part of the world’s renewable energy mix, our vision is to help achieve this goal by offering tailored biogas upgrading solutions to customers worldwide.


Bright Renewables - Noyal-Chatillon, France | Biogas Upgrading System

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