Start-up / CommissioningJanuary, 2020
Capacity400 Nm³/hr raw biogas
213 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration in raw biogas52%
Methane concentration in product gas>97%

Efficiency> 99.5%
Type installationPurePac Compact

Durham, England

Bright Biomethane constructed a biogas upgrading system in the North of England. The system facilitates production of biomethane from biogas, which is produced from various waste residues.

Our biogas upgrader delivers the clean biomethane gas to a Grid Entry Unit (GEU) of Thyson Technology. This system controls the gas, injects odour and propane. After this, the gas is injected into the UK gas grid and provides for use in British households.

The upgrading- and grid injection equipment is an upgrade to a biogas plant that is currently producing biogas that is consumed at a CHP that generates heat and electricity.