Start constructionApril 2016
Start-upFebruary 2017
Capacity850 Nm³/hr raw biogas
550 Nm³/hr biomethane
Methane concentration raw biogas55-60%
Methane concentration product gas89%
CO2 PURITY>99.97% (food grade)
Type Installation PurePac Medium

Almere, Netherlands

For project ‘Groen Gas Almere’ (Green Gas Almere) Bright Biomethane has realised a biogas upgrading system with a capacity of 850 Nm³/hr biogas which is upgraded to 550 Nm³/hr biomethane. Bright Biomethane also delivered the COliquefaction plant with a capacity of 600 kg/hr and the CO2 liquefaction storage plant. The plant will produce enough biogas to supply heat for approximately 2,500 households.

The first biomethane has been injected into the grid in February, 2017 and the installation is in operation ever since. Unique about the Groen Gas Almere installation is the complete indoor placement of the biogas upgrading installation. Normally, the placement is in a compact container.